Is there really more to life than guitars and skateboards… Chelsea London. More punk than you'll ever be. -------------------- 4:20 ---------------------



Unified Entertainment

My brother and his crew put together this video to celebrate.

Happy 420, enjoy the music!

This makes me laugh so much :’) 

Anonymous asked: Smoking weed is cool but when u let it define you it's kinda lame, js

I don’t think smoking weed is ‘cool’ at all… If you are doing it for the appearance of being ‘cool’, then it’s completely for the wrong reasons. Honestly I don’t think there is a deeper meaning to cannabis. Do people define themselves by the fact that they smoke tobacco? I personally feel that it should be celebrated but I agree that you should not let it define you as with any drug. I don’t feel that I’ve ever ‘defined’ myself by the fact of smoking weed. So I’m just kind of a lame guy then I guess… 

Still, Happy 420! ;D